One of my favorite designers, Von Glitschka

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Today I’m writing to you about the very talented designer, illustrator, teacher, podcaster, and Twitter extraordinaire, Von Glitschka. If you haven’t already heard of him, and you are into design, you’ve been missing out. I first heard of Von via the Freelance Switch Podcast, he was one of the hosts on that show but it got cancelled a few years ago. Von was also one of the first people I started following a few years back on twitter, he always has interesting opinions. From a design perspective, his ideas and concepts are, by far, that of a master.

Von also used to record his illustrator techniques via ustream, and it was always cool seeing his entire process and the tools he used. He’s always been open with his entire process and has a whole bunch of tutorials posted on his site. One of the main tools that he uses is the pen tool, and he is the master of it. He’s a big fan of an old school app called Freehand which is discontinued now, so he’s almost forced into using Illustrator.

Von has been an instructor and has spoken at many events including these:

– HOW Design Conference
– Freelancer Conference
– Arizona Design Week
– AIGA Design Events
– Adobe MAX Conference
– The Illustration Conference (ICON)
– ADFED Groups
– Design Schools
– In House Art Departments
– Marketing Groups
– Colleges
– Live Webcasts


A few links to see what he’s been up to:


Below you guys can see the types of work he has done, and notice that he has established his own style that stays pretty consistent through the majority of his work.