A few Podcasts I’m really into right now

By January 17, 2014 Article No Comments

Whether it’s music in the background, tech info, or just random inspiration, I love listening to podcasts while working. Here are a few of the podcasts I would recommend you check out:

Tiesto’s Club Life
Tiesto twitter.com/tiesto
Tiesto is one of the best DJs in the world. His podcast makes for some really good design music. At times designers get stuck and have to go outside or get away from their computer in hopes of coming back recharged and ready with new ideas. Good music with a small amount of lyrics works best for jump-starting fresh ideas. That’s when great quality podcasts like this come in. Teisto mixes most of the newest trance and house music. He also has really good taste when mixing specific music.

Get up On This
Jenson Karp twitter.com/getuponjensen
If you care about the newest things out and like being the first to know about things before all your friends, then this podcast is for you. Jenson is extremely funny and normally has similar guests that discuss an array of topics. He was one of the reasons I learned about spotify.com before most of my friends did. Danny Brown is also a hip-hop artist I found out about through this unique podcast. Another pretty interesting thing about this podcast is that Jenson normally records his podcasts live, meaning that you can listen to him Tuesdays at 1 p.m. PST live on the SModcast Network.

Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast
Terry White twitter.com/terrylwhite
Actually I got to meet Terry at the 2010 Photoshop world a few years or so back. He is quite a guy, and is always on top of the newest Adobe products coming out. This podcast is one of the few video podcasts I enjoy and find very informative. Terry is normally one of the first people to talk about specific adobe applications before they hit the market. His tutorials are, by far, some the best out there. If you like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, After Effects, or pretty much any other Adobe applications then this video podcast might be a pretty good fit for you. So check it out!

The Adam Corolla Show
Adam Corolla twitter.com/adamcarolla
Adam used to have a few of his own radio show’s, such as Love Line and a whole bunch of other very popular ones. He also used to be one of the co-hosts of the Man Show on Comedy Central. Adam came out in a movie called The Hammer. He now does a daily podcast that is pretty exciting. Whether it’s his opinion about something, him making a joke about another thing, or just random conversation about what’s going on in the world today, it definitely makes for some great content.

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast
Wes McDowell twitter.com/wesmcdowell
Mikelle Morrison mikellemorrison.com
Brandon Voss industrydesign.us
This is a new podcast I just discovered and love it. A lot of what they talk about has to do with design and their own opinions, I agree with most of them. They also discuss new technology and applications they utilize. The other really good thing about these guys is that they’re all pretty fun and they have great podcast voices, which is very important when your going to dedicate an hour to listening to something.