Intro to Photoshop

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In this introduction to photoshop, my main goal is to show you guys a little bit of the history, some tools, and some techniques. You’ll immediately be able to jump right into the possibilities. It’s very important that when you’re working within the application you feel comfortable with the user interface, luckily most of it can be custom set in preferences. It’s also important that as a first time user one knows what most tools do and the best ways to get to the them. Shortcuts play a very big role when it comes to productivity in photoshop and it helps that they’re fully customizable. WIthin the application are many powerful windows allowing users to accomplish extremely powerful tasks. This will be a good amount of information for a beginner to get a gist of the program and not be too intimidated just yet.


  • Photoshop was originally invented in Michigan by two brothers, whose father was a college professor that maintained a darkroom within their house.

  • Majorly influenced by their father, the two brothers, Thomas and John Knoll created the program specifically for photography purposes.

  • As you learn further you’ll see how the application has evolved into so much more than just a photographer’s tool.


  • There are literally hundreds of things you can customize in preferences

  • I normally change my color theme to the darker one

  • Also I dont normally like seeing borders around my frames so I remove those

  • You can also set how you want your typography to show depending on your personal vision


  • If you don’t see your tools window goto window>tools and make sure it’s checked on

  • Mouse over any tool, after a few seconds a window will show the tools shortcut key

  • Try to memorize a few shortcuts keys especially the ones you might use the most

  • If there’s an arrow on the right side of the tool, hold down on it for a few seconds and you’ll see more tools to choose from

Custom Shortcuts

  • As a person that spends most of my day in photoshop, shortcuts are very important

  • By default you can see what each shortcut does when you go to any menu

  • But if you want to set custom shortcuts go to: Edit>Keyboard shortcuts


  • To open any of your windows goto window at the top

  • My favorite windows are: layers, history, character, info, adjustment, & actions

  • There are some third party software that you could install, this would add more options, to the way you get to that window>extensions

Hopefully this is a good start for you guys and don’t forget to practice.