Senior UI Designer

Evite is the world's most trusted invitation service, with over two billion invitations sent.

Hired as the Senior UI Designer. I designed and prepared all the final high fidelity mocks for the developers (graphics, icons, style-kit, logos, and fonts). Created interactive videos demonstrating how things should animate/transition. Modernized the homepage and came up with strategic marketing concepts.

Challenges Solved

Lots of decision makers

Holding people accountable and asking valuable questions helped me discover what the goals were and aligned the team into a more clear path from a design solution standpoint.

Not always having clear direction

I asked as many questions as possible before starting the project, showing a quick sketch/wireframe to make sure company ideas were better aligned.

Working with an antiquated tech platform

This was around the year 2013 and responsive design was just barely hitting mainstream, I was in love with the concept. I did my best to show our developers and product department the major benefits of this, but our entire platform wasn’t set up to handle this at the time. I handled this by utilizing the 980 grid system, thus allowing the implementation of future media queries and responsive thinking.

Leadership kept changing

The creative director, who brought me into the company, was a great mentor, however, leadership and higher ups kept changing. I learned to adjust to different management outlooks in continuing my design process.

Slow approval processes

At times, approval process could be lengthy depending on whose eyes needed to see the projects. When this happened, I would take advantage of the extra time by designing more options.

Recent UX/UI Projects

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