2015 Consultant

Your one stop feed to aggregate shopping platforms. A mall at your fingertips.

SecondFeed is a simple app allowing users to easily combine multiple marketplace feeds into one main platform. Places like craigslist, eBay, etsy, amazon, and so on.

Challenges Solved

Minimal Information

Having such a small amount of information even after I asked all the questions I could think of, made this project a little challenging. In the end I was able to come up with a design the client was pleased with after a few small modifications.

Not knowing what APIs would work

The client really didn’t know what online marketplaces would be compatible with this app. In this case I had to wing it and give it the appearance as if it was compatible with most of the current marketplaces.

Making realistic looking UI to convince the investors

Obviously since this was going to be a high fidelity prototype it was very important that everything looked as finalized and crisp as possible.

Recent UX/UI Projects

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