GoOut helps you make plans before you even start thinking about it.

I was brought in as a consultant to design an interface for an iOS app intended to let the user know of nearby events going on that might be of interest to them. As the user first launches the app they will be given lots of options in the onboarding stage with things to do based on their current location and time. Users can easily customize which events they’d like to get notified in advance.

Challenges Solved

Making a prototype with animations that the client could use to test on their iPhone

The client sent me examples of some animations that he liked and wanted me to emulate. I found a powerful prototyping tool called Principle which worked well with Sketch, after a few tweaks the client got exactly what he wanted.

Making a placeholder Brand

They didn’t know what the name of this product was going to be yet, so we had to come up with a fictitious name temporarily.

Remote Client

This particular client wasn’t local, so I recommended that I join there Slack channel to make so I was always accessible, communication, was efficient, and questions could be elevated.

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