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Jdate is the premiere online Jewish dating site with over 1.8 million registered members looking to find a life long match.

One of JDate’s main objectives was to take an old, outdated platform and modernize it. Completely rebuilding the technology stack and updating UX/UI from the ground up.

As Creative Director, I was brought in to lead and produce innovative UX/UI for this undertaking. Our goal was to make sure that the JDate members would have a seamless, intuitive, and less intimidating site.

It was also my charge to ensure that users had a consistent and great experience across platforms. This resulted in building responsive designs for Desktop Web, Android Web, iOS Web, an iOS App, and an Android App.

Challenges Solved

Not having enough valuable data to make knowledgeable design decisions

Although we didn't have much to work with data wise, I did my best to  make adjustments from past analysis and learn how our customers use the product then iterate.

Needing to work at a fast pace as deadlines were strict

Maximizing productivity, I did my best to get as much information as possible regarding all our design projects as early as possible. This process allowed me and my team to get ahead. This was beneficial especially when time was of the essence.

User base was resistant to change

Based on this challenge we knew we had to come up with a familiar way to allow the consumption of information for our existing users in addition to our new users.

Making sure the UX/UI would work on multiple products and would support several languages such as English, Hebrew, and Spanish

Although we were rebuilding and redesigning the new JDate platform, most of these designs would also need to work for the future ChristianMingle site as well. I made sure we had enough typography padding insuring that the site was ready to support multiple languages. We also had to ensure the responsive site and mobile app designs would work for languages that read right to left.

Designs needed to be compatible on all devices

We had to make sure that iOS,  Android, and Web had a consistent direction. I created a universal dynamic brand style guide that all the developers can reference.

Not having enough manpower or the necessary time to do proper user testing

Knowing that we didn't have sufficient time to complete this properly, I set up some quick realistic prototypes and had multiple users test them when time permitted, thus assisting me in making design adjustments.

Recent UX/UI Projects

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