Head of Design

Panjo is the Enthusiast Marketplace. People can buy, sell and talk about things that make them tick.

Hired to contribute in a very fast past startup environment. Collaborated directly with the Head of Product and CEO as we solved business problems by looking at data/analytics.

My responsibilities included design direction/leadership in all aspects including, UX/UI, branding, iOS app visuals, custom plugin look and feel, style guides, responsive wireframes, and mockups. The goal was to create an online marketplace, primarily targeting males who are enthusiasts, hobbiests, and collectors.

Challenges Solved

Small team

Although working in a fast paced startup environment was challenging at times it allowed me to work closely with the CEO. I really value everything I learned, such as: business development, deeper analytics, and financial cash flow.

Working with interns

It’s not always easy dedicating time to train and guide another person that you want to develop since you have to juggle your own day to day activities. But, If done right and efficient a good helper can be a lifesaver.

Making sure I had great UX solutions daily/weekly

We worked in a weekly sprint schedule therefore it was very important that I was always as transparent as possible with everyone. This way any wrong direction can get prevented at the early stages.

Design Sacrifices

Working in such a fast past agile environment, the developers didn’t always have the time they needed to implement everything the way I had it in my approved mocks. In these situations I made sure to have clear communication to accomplish the project successfully.


At times I was overwhelmed with too many meetings. So I presented an idea to merge some of the meetings together which ended up working out really well. This helped me with focusing on my design work and not feeling as distracted.

Recent UX/UI Projects

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