Senior Designer

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Originally brought in as a consultant to design digital publication layouts and work on some rebranding. After a few weeks, I was offered a full-time job, with the goal of continuing to expand the vision.

The UX/UI design was for a digital publication company. We created a system that easily converted print publications into tablet format layouts. Branding is one of my passions, thus I enjoyed creating the new company logo. The site design was responsive and ready to work on most screens and devices.

Challenges Solved

First time ever working in a startup

At this time in my life I’ve never worked for a company that wasn’t making any profit, but had a staff of people and a product that they were working on. I couldn't grasp this concept at first but as time passed I learned the way startups worked thru investor involvement.

Commuting from West LA to the Valley

Living near UCLA and having to commute in LA traffic to an office in Woodland Hills, I didn’t know if this would be a problem. However, as time passed I was able to find some really good design podcasts and would look forward to learning new things as I drove to work.

Not always having clear direction

It wasn’t always defined what projects I should be working on. So it was very important that I asked lots of clear questions. These circumstances improved my delegation skills.

Recent UX/UI Projects

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