StudioDork is a design blog to inspire and provide free content to designers of all calibers! Including podcasts, design, art, movies, music, videogames, television, gadgets, and any other dorky things you might want to know.

I Co-founded and designed an online community targeting designers and creatives with my friend, Cameron Purchase. We created various free content such as photoshop brushes, high resolution textures, design articles, tutorials, and daily inspirations. StudioDork was designed prior to responsive design becoming mainstream.

Challenges Solved

Time Limitations

Cameron and I both had full time jobs while running StudioDork, but at the time we really wanted to give back to the design community and did as much as we can on the evenings and weekends.

New Ideas for Podcast, brushes, textures

At times we would run into creative blocks, but we would quickly bounce ideas off each other and come up with some fresh content solutions.

Were we wasting our time

We really didn’t know if we would go anywhere with this or if anyone even cared about our design blog, podcasts, and free resources. Eventually we got into a good rhythm, got a small following, and had so much fun creating.

Recent UX/UI Projects

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